96 Tracy Gordon

Defensive Lineman, Offensive Lineman
Current Team
Atlanta Phoenix, Atlanta phoenix

Profession Job Title: Construction Worker

Hometown City: Orlando
Hometown State: Florida
School: Jones High School, Bethune Cookman University, United States Army
Years played: 4
Sports Played: Football, Basketball, Track, Softball, Volleyball, and Bowling

I grew up in a Football household. My father was an All American player in Poughkeepsie NY. He played Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Head Coach of little league and Jones High School football team in Orlando FL. I grew up playing football about 4 years old with my friends after school and it became a sport that I loved at an early age. I’ve always wanted to be on the field. When I went to Junior high school and High School I wanted to tryout for the boys football teams and the coaches discriminated against females playing back then but I didn’t let that stop me. My Mother is a guidance counselor/Teacher for over 40 years and she brought me up in a Christian family home and taught me the importance of education, life, and great values!! If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here now playing the sport that I love. Most women start their football careers at 18-25 years old but I started mine in my prime because of life’s adventures I got a late start playing but I’m happy to still be able to play at my age and fulfill my dreams as a football player. I remember growing up and wanting to be like Tony Dorsett, Jerry Rice, “The Refrigerator” Perry, Terry Bradshaw, O.J. Simpson, Big Lou Ross, Dan Marino, The Twin brothers Big Tim Newton and Nate Newton, and other players from teams like the Bills, Oilers, Redskins, Steelers, Dolphins, Cowboys, Vikings, Orlando Renegades, and N.Y. Giants. I’m so glad that Women’s football made it to America because back then women were only allowed to play contact football in Europe so you would have to travel overseas in order to play and most players had to get permission from parents and family members to pay for their trips there and back so the evolution of women’s football has changed alot worldwide. I know one day that Women’s football will make it to the NFL, WNFL will be a turning point in the history of Football forever. Even after we have long gone left this earth, all of our names will be written in the history books for the next generations to know and be proud of. They will also have a chance to play this awesome game and make a difference in the evolution of women’s football. I feel like I have an extended family, we’re all in this Sisterhood together paving the way for the future and I know my mother is proud of me. If my dad was alive today he would have been to every game we’ve had just so he could say, “That’s my daughter out there playing football”!! When he was coaching back in the days he didn’t believe that one day women would have an organized football league. He was one of the nay sayers who said that women can’t play as good as men or with men on the field so right now I know he’s rolling over in his grave to know that we’ve finally made it to the top! Young girls are playing little league football with the boys and young women are playing in the WFA, IWFL, International, and USA national league. This is a great accomplishment! I will encourage any and every woman in the world to do what your heart desires. Play football. Be a leader on the team and in your community. Make life easier by doing something you love to do. I can remember being told by the other guys who play football that women can’t play as good as them but that’s not true. Women are breaking barriers and setting major standards for the future players in this league. We’ve come along way from standing on the sidelines giving out towels or being the waterboy to actually suiting up in our helmets, pads, and gear. The NFL finally has let the women train to be coaches of their teams and represent women’s football in a major way. This sport has changed forever because of that. I couldn’t imagine life without women football players simply because we bring so much experience, life, and knowledge to this game it’s amazing how men are drawn in to watch our games and they are really big fans of our teams. I believe one day more people will start coming out to see us play the game. Just like in the NFL you have a stadium full of 16,000 fans cheering, screaming, hooping, and hollering for women’s football. TV stations will feature us on Game Day. It was a tradition in my family to have Sunday dinner then watch football games wearing your team shirt and outfits. Sometimes we would even make friendly bets on the teams we like and if they won we got paid. We had a Superbowl party every year. The legacy of women’s football is in our hands. We have to pave the way for the new players. Whether we want to be or not we are role models to the younger generation of football players, young men and women. What we do now will reflect on the way that they play the game whether it’s on a high school, college and university, or professional level. All of my life I wanted to play football and now that I have a chance to play, I will do everything in my power to be the best at it. I love my GM, coaches, and teammates like we’re related. We are big sisters. I know they got my back if something has gone wrong. I can take constructive criticism and being on this team has taught me alot about life’s lessons. Everybody has their own character. Everybody has their own style. Everybody has their own way of doing things and if someone says something to make me a better player then I’ll listen to them and practice harder next time. When I was growing up as a kid watching my dad coach football from the sidelines with former NFL players like Deeshay, Tim, and Nate Newton I was excited to be apart of history for our high school team. Even though I was good enough to make the boys team because of policies and discrimination in the Orange County school system I was not allowed to play, plus my father wouldn’t let me play tackle with them. I can remember asking my father can I try out for the Jones High football team he laughed at me and he said, ” Girls can’t play football with the boys because we’re not strong enough” so i just looked at him and laughed back at him and said, “One day women will have a real football league just like the NFL does. And even though he didn’t live to see it somehow he probably knows in his spirit that we now have a woman’s league. When I was in basic training in the military I always wanted to try and change history by doing something great and I did. I lived thru a very deadly war in Saudi Arabia fighting for our freedom overseas and in the States when I got back home our world wasn’t the same. I also lost 2 good friends in the war and that taught me to just live life to the fullest because you don’t know when your time is up on this earth so I have to make the best out of every situation I’m faced with in life in order to succeed. I’m honored to be apart of this movement. God is great all the time! If it were not for his loving grace I probably would be dead by now or not be able to let the world know about my story. I hope someone will read this and learn from me who went thru the same similarities as they did. Never give up on your hopes and dreams! In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “Let freedom ring”! From every mountain top to every valley low women all around the world can be somebody who makes a difference in the lives of little girls and young women growing up wanting to play a man’s sport to the best of their ability. Football is no longer just a man’s sport anymore it has become a game of honor between men and women alike. 20 years from now we will see the fruits of our labors enhanced by future generations in different leagues and I’ll be right there cheering them on to victory! Women’s football will live forever. When I turned 18 years old, I had already been thru alot more than what a teenager my age then should have been going thru. Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair it’s had abuse and war along with people who were up to no good trying to just use me every chance they could. But when I became older I realized that if you surround yourself with positive people and positive vibes then you will be a positive person as well. Growing up at an early age my aunt Carleen taught me how to play the drums/percussion instruments. She is a professional drummer/percussionists who had a tour over seas in Germany. She now is a retired Sheriff Officer from Mecklenburg County, N.C. She showed me the music business in a way that was new to me being young and all but I new it was something big like Tina Turner or James Brown BIG!!!! That’s how I wanted my life to be. I knew that as long as I had something to fall back on my life would be meaningful. I marched in my junior high, high school, and college bands. I started a jazz band with guitars, keyboards and singers and we played for years on the club scene. When I was younger I played the drums for my church youth choir and mass choir. Music has always been apart of my life because my mom would play her records when she’s cleaning up the house on the weekends or cooking something to eat for dinner later on that evening. I grew up listening to Motown, M – TV, the radio, and live band Concerts which was fun growing up singing along with your family all of the latest hit CD’s. Music is the key to your soul. Whatever you’re going thru doesn’t matter anymore once you hear a song playing on the radio especially if it’s your favorite song. I’ve always loved to perform in the band. It helps me get thru hard times and helps me let out my frustrations. Playing in a band performance is one of the best feelings in the world to know I’m putting a smile on someone’s face or making their day brighten up a little more because they like the music they’re hearing and dancing to. It’s the same with football. We put a smile on people’s faces and help them get thru the trials and tribulations of life. We all need somebody to lean on when we’re down and out. Growing up without a father at an early age was tough for me but as i grew older I had to realize that time stops for no one and if I don’t get to do everything I want to do in this life then I won’t complain about the things that I can’t change or things I don’t have, I’ll be happy with the things that I do have in this lifetime. Playing football is one of them. I’m proud to be in this league of great women. Many years from now we will be legendary as some of the women pioneers in the game of this football league. Leadership, courage, persistence, and hard work will make us better as players. After the pulse terror attack in my hometown of Orlando I saw this Sisterhood come together as one family to help each other get thru this tragedy and be the help that they most definitely needed after such evil acts of terrorism. Things like that are what makes us closer to each other like family and Sisterhood. We are our sister’s keeper. Like I said I come from a family of good upbringing and respect. We need more good people in the world. I want to make a difference in the world by being the best person I can be. Life isn’t fair sometimes and things may not go my way all of the time but I know that there is a purpose for our lives. We were born to find our own destiny in life whether it be a teacher, doctor, lawyer, nurse, or football players. Only God knows how we’ll end up in life but at least we are able to live out our dreams on the Football field before our days are over. Every day we wake up our life has a purpose. I wake up in the morning like the next person and take care of business and responsibilities. My family does give me support. I appreciate them very much because without their help I would be struggling. When you’re brought up in a respectable way with values and goals for your life only good things will come from that. Everyday is a new beginning. I expect nothing but the best. If I can’t have something right then but I really want it then I will do what I can to achieve this. Ever since I was a kid my life was a little faster than the average kid. My mother was still going to college to get her masters degree from the University of Central Florida so I had a babysitter most of time after I go to school to take care of me and help me with my homework. Once my mother got home she would double check my homework for me just to make sure all of my answers were correct. The next day at school the teacher gives me an A or B and then I can make the honor roll each semester. Thru these last few years I have learned alot on and off the field. Sometimes it’s hard to trust someone you don’t really know that well but we all have to learn how to trust somebody one day. Whatever I may be going thru I know that I can depend on my family members to be there for me. Life is just a test of strength and is not for the weak person. You must be a strong person mind, body, and soul in order to deal with the changes that you may go thru. I moved from Orlando FL so I can be apart of this amazing history of women’s football players ahead of me. After I retire from playing football I will feel like I have accomplished another chapter in my life. I also want to start up another jazz r&b band. Music is my heart. When I write music and play it that brings me so much joy to be able to express myself in lyrics and song. Not everyone is blessed with musical talent so I thank the Lord for my talents and special gifts. I have come along way from not having anything to finally achieving my goals one by one. There is one goal that I’m trying to accomplish before I hang up my cleats. It has been a goal of mine to be at the top of my game once more like I was in high school and college. I know I am going to have to work hard for this and give it all I have got in order to be great. For the past 3 years has been a good learning experience for me on this team and I have some terrific teammates who encourage me to be the best and work hard for it every time I get on that football field. I know I can do it! I believe I will do it so now it is just a matter of time when I do it this season. I am preparing my mind and body for this test. If I never get a chance to play again I will look back at these moments and cherish them hold my head up high with pride because I know I lived thru something that I may never go thru in my lifetime. But for right now I’m going to seize the day and live like you can’t live no more. I’ve seen death and destruction at its worse! Seeing things like that can be heartbreaking and I pray for my friends families who lost their lives a long time ago and I play football for them too. I love this game Even though I am older than most of the women on the team that just makes it that much harder for me to be getting better and competing with them it’s fun it keeps me young at heart lol. This is definitely an opportunity once in a lifetime and I am taking my turn at bat like the Jeffersons did. Everything has to be on point , techniques , speed, agility, balance, line and assignment just to name a few of the things that I must do. I can remember a few years ago when I was a rookie trying to make the team, I wasn’t so good in shape like my younger days so I was slow didn’t have proper technique and had to slowly work on my cardio and leg strength but before that I had not played a sport in years since high school and my college days so to just pick up again and start playing a sport out of the blue it put my body in shock at first lol but once I started running again I could find my rhythm now. I like to go swimming in the Atlantic ocean and on the Gulf beaches. While I was in Florida I spent most of time every month in Hillsborough county. While I was there I got a chance to go see the beautiful landscapes they have there by the beaches. The ocean water is aqua blue green and you can see the wide horizon on the water while the sun sets it is a very pretty sight. The bridges are tall and you can feel the wind shifting the bridge so I drove swiftly across to dry land to watch the yachts floating across the ocean. You could see the dolphins splashing in the water that was cool. I like to travel overseas and stateside. I like swimming in the ocean and the pool to help me workout on my cardio. The saltwater is very therapeutic it helps ease the pain out of sore muscles and cleanses the skin. Back at home in Florida I use to go fishing all of the time. My mother’s house has a big lake in the backyard so I was able to wade in the water and fish. You have to be real careful out there in the water because there are snakes, alligators, and all kinds of fish with sharp teeth. They call those species Gar fish. When the night fall comes and the stars light up the midnight sky, you can here and see the fish jumping around splashing, the alligators swimming, and frogs swimming looking for food in the water. My father had a fishing boat we use to take out in the middle of the lake. We catch bass fish, catfish, and specs. Take them home, scale the fish, clean them out, put seasoning on it, then fry it crispy brown with some cornmeal bread from the oven. Those were some good family times. Simple times. When I joined the Army I had planned to move to Germany and serve in the military for 30 or more years traveling the World, then retiring from the military with all honors. Life happened and changed those plans but I still kept the faith believing in the Lord to continue to bless me. When I look back thru the years I have friends who are still here and some are gone home with the Lord. Before my time comes up I want to experience the good life. Playing football is more than just a sport it is a way to meet cool people, make new friends to have great memories with. I come from the Deep South where people of color wasn’t allowed to be free to live their lives as human citizens instead We were discriminated against all the time but this only made us stronger in life. No matter what the problem was we found a way to get them solved. The true heart of a champion is within oneself. That is where it all starts from. Courage, faith, persistency are key factors. If a person does not have this quality about themselves then how can they be strong? Who knows what type of life they are living? What matters to me is trying to be the best person I can be helping other people who may be less fortunate than I am.

Favorite Quote:

It’s not the size of the dog that’s in the fight, but size of the fight that’s in the dog!!!! Carpe Diem– Seize the day/Life

5 songs in game day playlist:
Future– Can’t afford No Mistakes
Yo Gotti- LAW
Jay Z- Knock the Hustle
Drake– Yolo( you only live once
Playbook Carti/ Lil Uzi Vert– Woke up like this