89 Tamea Hardrick

Tight end
Current Team
Atlanta Phoenix, Atlanta phoenix

Profession Job Title: Education Specialist/ Student teacher

Hometown City: Atlanta
Hometown State: Georgia
School: Lithonia high school
Years played: 2
Sports Played: Basketball, Kickball

I lived a traditional childhood, both parents in the home, two other siblings placing me in the middle. Holidays, Birthdays, Sporting games have always been a big deal in my family. God, respect, decipline, responsibility and the meaning of love were taught at an young age. Loosing my father at 14, caused me to mature early on. After high school I attended a HBCU and active Army for 4 years. My family members have always been supportive of my decisions, and continue to be my biggest fans.

Favorite Quote:

“It could be worse”

5 songs in game day playlist:
Future- Feds did a sweep
Migos- Big on Big
2chainz- wassup wid it
Young Dolph- play wit yo …
Chance the rapper- finish line

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