43 Stephanie Cook

Safety, Wide receiver
Current Team
Atlanta Phoenix, Atlanta phoenix

Profession Job Title: Information Technology Management

Hometown City: Laurens
Hometown State: South Carolina
School: Laurens District 55 High School
Years played: 1
Sports Played: Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Football (Flag)

Being the youngest of three kids I was always a spoiled brat which carried over into my teenage years and adulthood. I am a true country girl. I learned to clean and cook at a very early age as well as learned to drive at age six. I grew up in the era that we respected all our elders and any of them could whip our a$$. I played sports with the boys to include football, baseball and every other sport we could “make-up”. I was an avid book reader and very studious.

Favorite Quote:

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated – Maya Angelou

5 songs in game day playlist:
My Soul is Anchored by Douglas Miller
Motivation by CT Fletcher
Gone Too Long by Trey Songz
Take Over by Jay Z
Picture Me Rolling by Tupac

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