3 Ronkia Toombs

Running Back
Current Team
Atlanta Phoenix, Atlanta phoenix
Past Teams

Profession Job Title: Juvenile Correctional Officer

Hometown City: Miami
Hometown State: Florida
School: Florida Memorial University
Years played: 12
Sports Played: Football, Basketball Track and field Softball

After finishing my last season with 799 yards at the end of our first round playoff game, my goal is to be the number one runnerback at the end of this season with over one thousand yards, I also plan to not miss any games this year due to an injury so that my goal can be accomplished.

Favorite Quote:

Go hard or go home

5 songs in game day playlist:
1. T.I.- bring em out
2. Mike Smiff- drills
3. Future-know the meaning
4. Tee Grizzley- first day out
5. Dj Toedoe- thot

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