15 Brandi Pringle

RB, Running back
Current Team
Atlanta phoenix, Atlanta phoenix
Past Teams

Profession Job Title: Physical Therapy Assistant

Hometown City: Pahokee
Hometown State: Florida
School: Eckerd College
Years played: 9
Sports Played: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track & Field, Football

I was born and raised in a small city called Pahokee, FL which is known for its sugar cane fields and rabbit chasing athletes. Raised by my mother and grandmother whom taught my siblings and I the value of family. I’m the oldest of 4. I used sports as my outlet, a way to stay out of trouble, and ticket out of Pahokee. I was raised to work hard and always believe that I can be and do anything I put my mind to. Some times I allow the fear of failure to get in the way but I always reflect back on my upbringing and keep pressing on. Loss my mother to ovarian cancer back in Aug 2010, on those days I think about giving up I think of her and how hard she fought to live. Her and my son whom is my heart beat keep me going.

Favorite Quote:

“Success is a journey, not a destination”…Each year of my life brings on different adventures and challenges. Life doesn’t end because you reach a certain point or destination. I am constantly setting goals, reaching goals, and then setting more. I am constantly challenging myself to be better than I was the day before.

5 songs in game day playlist:

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