48 Ashley Berry

Defensive Lineman
Current Team
Atlanta Phoenix, Atlanta phoenix

Profession Job Title: Server

Hometown City: Atlanta
Hometown State: Georgia
School: Frederick Douglass High School
Years played: 1
Sports Played: Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Football

I’m the middle child of two other siblings. So upbringing for me was bittersweet! I lost both of my parents between the ages of 7and 9. Raised by my great grandmother in Bankhead Court, I had to learn to fend for self very quickly and early. Myself, my good friend and younger sister then started this gang called CHB (Certified Head Bussa) after repeatedly having to fight for no apparent reason, the respect was gained. Life took a change for the worse after losing my mom but eventually it became okay again. In 2007 I lost my very best friend of 15 years, my younger sister. Killed due to gun violonce by her young boyfriend my heart broke into a million pieces after receiving that devastating phone call. But there I was once again hiding all this pain and not allowing it to break me. In 2008 I found myself graduating with a 3.33 gpa as a student athlete. To walk outside that convention center and not have one family member in site to share that moment with was another heartbreak but it was what it was. Life hasn’t always been peaches and cream but through all the tough times I managed to smile and make the best of every situation. I learned how to take on responsibilities, how to self love and self motivate at a very young age. I learned how not to give up and allow negative situations to consume my life. Growing up without parents was hard especially when it came to being an athlete, to never have that physical support at your games, or that team fundraiser or even team event was overwhelming and heartbreaking at times but it built me up and instilled in me to always support self and do my best regardless of who’s watching. Through it all nothing in me said give up. At one point I was so sure about college and being this big business owner until the day actually came for me to apply to schools and then it sunk in. My grandmother could barely read let along write. So there I was stressed about SAT scores and filling out applications with minimum to no help. Working extremely hard to buy all goods and needs for school and boom when the time finally arrived I had no one to drive me to school so all plans had to change. I then ended up at Atlanta Technical College in 2009, where I had to drop out after a year because I couldn’t afford to work full time and go to school. So I had to choose between keeping a roof over my head or following through with my post secondary option. Although plans changed the goal still remains. At 18 life came at me full speed. I’ve always had to work twice as hard because nothing came easy nor was given to me. Luckily, I received my first paying job at 14 and learned how to manage money and take on little bills because it prepared me for my future. In 2011 i lost another piece to my heart whom was my hero. The woman who took in 3 young girls at 65 and taught them morals, manners, respect, courage, strength and to be a warrior if nothing else. I use to question why me when I was younger but each day I grow and get closer to who I am I seem to understand. I never had that extra push physically but spiritually and mentally I know what’s expected of me. I never needed that micro management type parenting to do what’s right. I’ve always had it in me to do well rather I received an award for it or not. Life has its way of teaching you, molding you and creating you into the being you’re suppose to be and if you don’t pay attention it will get the best of you. Life wasn’t all bad in fact i learned a great balance.

Favorite Quote:

You have five minutes to cry about it and after that it’s back to beast mode

5 songs in game day playlist:
Fill me up -Tasha Cobb
Tired of being humble- peanut da don
Woke up-DaeDae
Money Bag Yo entire album

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