Atlanta Phoenix at Mercedes Benz Stadium

Atlanta Phoenix at Mercedes Benz Stadium

Atlanta, GA – March 21, 2018

Move over Super Bowl. Another football championship is coming to town. And you haven’t seen football like this.

The 2018 Women’s Football Alliance national championship will be played at Fifth Third Bank Stadium at Kennesaw State University. The Atlanta Phoenix will host and get a chance to spotlight their team and league. The Phoenix was part of the Super Bowl Readiness Experience, hosted by What Just Happened Sports, held recently at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

“It was a surreal moment to take the field as a female athlete in an NFL stadium,” said  Carla “Smiley” Odom, a linebacker for the Phoenix. “It’s like at that moment, all the childhood echoes of, ‘No, you can’t, you’re a girl,’ were silenced. But, yes, we can! Sit back and watch!”

The team has been growing their audience since they began their first season in Atlanta in 2012. These women have been determined to show that women love playing football too, just like men do.

Shayla “Cali” Blair is the founder of Georgia Girls Tackle Football, a girls only league. She brought her 3-year-old son with to Mercedes Benz with her.

“At 3-years-old, he was able to witness history and learn life lessons that many adults have yet to learn,” Blair said.  “As a mother, you pray that between yourself & your village, your children will learn lessons that will last a lifetime, in the easiest way possible. And there he stood, in a stadium that was meant for ‘him’, surrounded by phenomenal women who deserved to be there, holding his mother’s hand, witnessing history, witnessing her make history and learning lessons of equality, passion, growth, strength, belonging and hard work.”

Team owner April Christler works tirelessly to generate buzz about her team, as well as build a brand of highly visible media recognition and top class athleticism.

The team makes it to the playoffs every year but has yet to win a national championship. Christler says the goal is to win this year and play for the title in their home stadium. The City of Atlanta and its fans deserve a Championship sports team. We aim to bring them that.

“We have a one of the top women’s football teams in the world right here in Atlanta and they’re a phenomenal group of women who get bruised and banged up season after season for a passion they’re not paid for. We have an opportunity for their hard work to be seen and pay off winning the championship here in front of friends and family for the home crowd, all broadcasted on ESPN3 as well.” Christler said.

“Playing at the Mercedes Benz Stadium was a fun historical experience for us all. Playing in the WFA National Championship game and winning it all, is work.”

The season kicks off Saturday, March 31st @7pm vs Tampa Bay Inferno. You can buy tickets online and get more information at